Obituary For Stephen Kasten Hayes

August 12, 2000 - May 4, 2020

On May 4th, at 12:31 p.m., the heavens opened up to invite the soul of Stephen Kasten Hayes Wright.

Stephen had many nicknames such as:  Angel baby, Sumpkin, The Dread Pirate: One Sock Steve, Five Steve Steve, Mr. Stumbles, Blondie Ghandi, and Stinky, bestowed upon him by his stellar, stable, loving, strict but doting Godparents, Brian and Stacey Keffer Kontz. Being born 7 months premature, Stephen was a miracle child. As were his cousins, the polymath, Harry Nickolas Antoniades, born long after his “Firequeen” of a mother, Jean Wright Antoniades, had the nursery closed for business, and Taylor Dawn Wright, “Say apple Taylor,” who spoke at only five months, commanded by the late David Wilson Wright III and his beautiful bride, Dawn Foster Church. Stephen was the Shepard to a large flock of family, including Anadel King Ricks and Franklin Whitaker Ricks, and Stephens’ furry siblings Crazy Alabama Alice, Master Gonzo, Highjacked Jack and Alington Snow, aka Sugar-Amor. Also his mothers guardian angels, India Dawn Cox and Holly Jo Cobb. Lets introduce the loves of his life: We go to his Grandparents, the late David Wilson Wright Jr. and Janine Kasten Wright. Another love was his favorite uncle, Ham Kasen. Peyton Jean Adele Heffinger and Eliza Juliette Heffinger were his universe, and became a large focus of his life. He saw fit to mentor them into the wonderful, young ladies they have become. He also adored his partner in life, Anna Bishop-Daub. Stephens life was an Epic Adventure.

This tale continues….. Bethesda Church, on Saturday June 13th, at 11:00 a.m.  It will be streamed live on Facebook by Fair Funeral Home.


“Never shall I look to the night sky with wonder, for the brightest star in my

universe has fallen, my Son. Now he shines for us all.” - Julia Kathryn