Condolences For Craig C. Wild

December 30, 1947 - April 9, 2021

Craig, The lady you appointed as your messenger contacted me immediately and I have notified our family members I am in shock as this was totally unexpected and to be honest, yes, there are tears In thinking about this I have so much more i wanted to say to you but now its impossible as that book has been closed forever. You will forever be a part of me I shall think of you and the special moments will re appear in vivid detail and yes I will feel your loss May God protect you and guide you through your journey trough eternity I will pray for you each morning as I do for Audre
Dennis Wild

My condolences for his passing. Someone should have notified me of his passing. For I am his only son. Please update above.
Theodore Wild

Words cannot express our loss. I knew time was short, but no idea this would happen so soon. The last time I spoke to Craig we both shared memories and tears. I miss him
Glenda McKenzie

Words can not express how I feel. The last time I spoke to Craig we shared a lot of memories. Shed quite a few tears. He'll be missed
Glenda McKenzie

Deeply saddened by your loss.Please know we are thinking of you and your family at this difficult time.
Ronald Wild

Ted I am sorry for this egregious error. Please understand the creator or information provider (Pat) is suffering with the early stages of dementia where questions are answered with a blank stare. I can assure you this was not intentional I'll see what I can do to help by contacting the social worker handling this.
Dennis Wild